Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Blog Is Born

As a writer, self proclaimed food and wellness enthusiast and healthy cooking teacher, I spend a great deal of my time talking about, cooking and writing about the glories of healthy food. Blogging was never really part of my plan, but I've been told I'm not a real writer without one, so let the confessions begin!

I believe that good food is the catalyst for a good life. Eat well-be well, that kind of stuff. My business " The Conscious Cook" revolves around teaching people how to cook with the best local, native, natural and organic ingredients.

But I'm also just a girl, trying to navigate the perils and pleasures of life, like anyone else.
Somedays I find eating and thinking healthy to be extremely challenging. Downright difficult, in fact.

Take Easter, for example. Never mind the excessive abundance of chocolate, that can always be written off as a healthy indulgence...all that mood enhancing magic and blood pressure lowering power. Just whose idea was it to start a company named Jelly Belly and manufacture what I think are the best damn tasting jelly beans ever?

During the four days prior to Easter Sunday, no less than five bags of assorted Jelly Bellys made their way into my darling white porcelain Easter candy dish. (The one with the cute little bunnies perched on the rim.) What wasn't so darling was the absolute determination I demonstrated in my quest to discover the best tasting Jelly Belly.

I have no idea how many hundreds of those miniature sugar bombs made their way into my slightly swollen belly by the time the experiment was over, but I did crown a queen of jelly beans. No cherry, berry, bubble gum, citrus sour or cappucino was annointed the ruler, the hands down victor and reigning supreme flavor - "Buttered Popcorn". Seriously sweet, butter tinged perfection.

Does it make me a jelly bean junkie? I think I'm still detoxing from the sugar shock so I'll have to let you know. Sources have already filled me in on the GIANT size Jelly Belly jar available at Costco...

In the meantime, as I continue to hone my blogging skills, I'll be sharing my thoughts on recipes, cookware, articles, research, the latest and greatest ingredients, restaurants and the people and places that make life so delicious.
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  1. I like it. You are a writer for sure. Hopefully you can continue to blog!
    Truly yours,
    Betty Milford